Navigating Market Trends and Innovation initiatives in Frozen Food Products.

frozen food products

In the ever-evolving world of food production, businesses face the challenge of staying discoverable, building efficient networks, and expanding beyond local markets. 
Igro was born as a solution to these challenges, offering services to both food producers and importers and distributors to find trustworthy food suppliers in Latin America.
We have recently worked with an Igroer in Ecuador identifying potential demand, and market information so as to be fit and adapted to an emerging market in the MENA region.

Why Frozen food products? 
Frozen food such as Fruits, Vegetables and Sea Food offer numerous benefits which include low cost, easy preparation, and availability during the off-season. Due to long working hours, rising health consciousness, and the increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases, consumers are shifting to frozen fruits and vegetables as they do not need to be washed, peeled or chopped. Additionally, they help in minimizing the overall cooking time without affecting the nutritional intake. In line with this, manufacturers are launching unique product variants, incorporating herbs and spices from local produce, to widen their portfolio and attract a large consumer base. 
In terms of Market potential:
The frozen fruit and vegetable market is expected to grow to $641.03 billion in 2026 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2%.

What are Buyers looking for when exploring new Frozen Food products and producers?:


  • A sustainable Source: meeting the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products.
  • Clean labels and information transparency: to build trust with consumers, who seek healthier and more natural frozen options
  • An innovative packaging: to preserve product quality and extend shelf life, reducing waste and increasing convenience.
  • A customized design: with local flavors incorporating local ingredients; a convenient design to consumers' busy lifestyles and unique preferences.
  • Produced using innovative food production Technology: such as IQF, (Individual Quick Freezing), that preserves the texture and flavor of fruits and vegetables while also extending their shelf life.
Example of a Frozen Innovative product produced by an Igroer in Ecuador:


frozen shrimp inovative product
These Ecuadorian shrimps are design to demand products, white labeled and and iIQF manufactured.


This is Igro´s selection of ideas and articles to read, listen, analyze and take action: 

A research describing Frozen Food innovation trends in China describing concept, product, categories, ingredients and packaging innovation.

About the future of the Frozen Food Industry

To listen when we travel, a Podcast from the Cold Corner Magazine, discussing the latest in food processing trends and cold foods manufacturing.

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